What is the Women Active at Work Challenge?

Tomorrow. That’s the day it’s going to happen…

Do you make a promise to yourself to be more active tomorrow and then put it off for another day? Welcome to the club because that’s what most of us do – we wait till tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. But things are going to change, tomorrow, as you’ve now taken the first step to getting yourself active and fit by reading about #WomenActive.

We believe the best way to keep this promise to yourself is to enlist a friend or work colleagues, that way you can support each other, make sure you don’t let each other or yourself down and have some fun in the process.

We’ve identified eight different challenges for you, however feel free to use your own challenges and let us know about them. No need to buy fancy trainers, play by the rules, be competitive or run a marathon – all you need to do is agree your challenge(s) with a friend, turn up and get started.

We’ve even got an amazing competition, with some fantastic prizes – just for that extra incentive! You could win an Apple watch just by taking a fun selfie – check out the details here!

Whether you’re in a group or just with a friend, whether you try out all eight challenges or just a few it’s your choice. To help motivate others why not post a pic on Instagram or Twitter using #WomenActive. Happy challenging, good luck, have fun and keep us posted.